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Email Monster: The Perfect Blend of Magic and Technology for Spam and Privacy Protection 6 min read · Written by Mae R Davis on · Hide Your Email.

Email Monster: The Perfect Blend of Magic and Technology for Spam and Privacy Protection written by Mae R Davis Email Monster: The Perfect Blend of Magic and Technology for Spam and Privacy Protection

Email Monster was born from a combination of ancient magic and modern technology. Our founders, two wizards tired of spam cluttering their inboxes, decided to use their magical powers to create a solution. They spent years studying the ancient art of email magic and experimenting with different spells and incantations.

Finally, they hit upon the perfect formula: a service that allows users to create unlimited temporary email addresses that forward emails to their real accounts. They combined this magical solution with the latest technology to create Email Monster, a service that makes it easy for anyone to protect their privacy and keep spam out of their inbox.

The wizards were thrilled with the results and knew they had to share their creation with the world. They launched Email Monster and have been helping people declutter their inboxes and achieve email serenity ever since.

Sick of spam ruining your day and revealing your personal email address to every sketchy online service and spammy newsletter you've ever signed up for? Email Monster is here to save the day! Our service lets you create an unlimited number of temporary email addresses that forward emails straight to your real account. This means you can protect your privacy and say goodbye to spam for good.

But Email Monster isn't just a spam blocker. You can also use our service to customize which emails you receive by turning individual temporary email addresses on or off whenever you want. And if you're feeling overwhelmed by your inbox, we even offer the option to receive a monthly or weekly digest of emails from selected senders or aliases. It's like a magical inbox fairy that declutters your inbox while you sleep!

So how does Email Monster work its magic? It's simple. Just sign up for our service and choose a username. Then, any emails sent to anything@(your username) will be forwarded straight to your real email address. For example, if your username is dan, emails sent to,, and will all be forwarded to your real email address.

This means that anytime you need to give out your email address, you can use a unique alias address instead of revealing your real email. And if you ever want to stop receiving emails from a particular sender, you can simply disable the disposable email address you created for them. It's like a choose-your-own-adventure book, but for emails!

But what sets Email Monster apart from other masking, temporary, or disposable email services? Unlike other services that require you to pre-create alias addresses, Email Monster lets you create aliases on-the-fly. This means you don't need to install any extra software to use our service. Plus, our service forwards all received emails to your real email address, so you can keep using your favorite mail client to read your emails. And when you need to turn an alias off or on, you can easily do so through our dashboard or a link in the top of the email.

But the best part? Email Monster lets you digest all emails from senders or aliases you choose into a single digest email that arrives on a monthly or weekly basis. It's like a bouncer for your inbox, keeping out all the unwanted emails while letting the good ones through.

So the next time you use Email Monster to protect your privacy and keep spam out of your inbox, remember the magical story of how it all began. 

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