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Keep spam out of your inbox with The Email Monster! Raaarrrr! 4 min read · Written by Mae R Davis on · Stop spam.

Keep spam out of your inbox with The Email Monster! Raaarrrr! written by Mae R Davis Keep spam out of your inbox with The Email Monster! Raaarrrr!

The email monster allows you to create email aliases as fast as you can type them. No setup is needed! Signing up for a new newsletter? Testing out a new app? Getting "inspirations" from competitors? generate email addresses to help you avoid spam in your inbox. 

While some emails are pure spam, most of the hassle nowadays is all about harmless email clogging up your inbox, creating a cacophony of ads, content and updates that you don't want to see, and getting rid of it? Well that's plenty of time-consuming work to delete or unsubscribe. Meet the Email Monster, put her between your email and the world, and it will thin out your inbox by keeping email spam from showing up in the first place.

But it's not just that. You can turn any sender or alias (of your new secret email subdomain) into a weekly or monthly digest. Remember that newsletter you really like that sends too many emails? Just one click and you get all of the monthly emails, in a single long email thread, once a month. Shazaaam! Ooops we meant Raaaarrr!

Just invent cool email addresses when you fill out an online form or sign up for a website, so you don't always have to give out your real address. In effect, you're scrambling your tracks. 


How does this work?

  1. Sign up with your real email and choose your secret username. So if your real email is, and you've used superman as your username: Any email sent to will be forwarded to without ever revealing your real address.
  2. Use your new email address domain, with any alias you can think of, no setup needed. Alias addresses are created when their first email arrives, so no need to setup aliases in advance.
  3. Turn off any alias or sender or both. At any time you can login to Email Monster and toggle off senders or aliases to never recieve emails from them again.
  4. Turn any sender or alias into a digest. This means any emails from senders or to aliases that you choose, will not be forwarded immediately. One digest email will arrive on a weekly or monthly cycle of your choosing, with all emails sent during that period.


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